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This coaching format is about:


  • Figuring out your goals and dreams, what you really want to experience in your life, or just in the next months
  • Creating a concrete plan to fulfill these goals
  • Talking about the fears that could slow you down, and building your self-confidence

  • Organizing your time and priorities


This coaching is not only about career, but can help you figure out the projects importants to you, what you want to develop in your personality, and what you want in your relationships.

Status and wealth doesn't have to be the goal, except if it is what you want. The goal of this coaching is to give you the tools to thrive in the way that feels right for you personally, not in a way dictated by society.



This coaching is about:


  • Offering you a non-judgemental space to be actively listened to
  • Helping you explore your feelings about past traumas, or current life struggles
  • Giving you tips or specific exercises to get to know yourself, to process emotions and to improve your personal relationships


I'm open to help you about any topics but I'm especially knowledgeable about queer people's struggles, sexworkers' struggles, trauma coming from past sexual abuse, reclaiming your sexuality, needs and boundaries, and communication.



These sessions are a safer space for queer/ LGBTQI+ people, sexworkers, and sex-positive people.

The sessions can be in English or in French. I give online sessions, or in person sessions at Karada House near Alexanderplatz.

Prices are on a sliding scale from 50 to 70 euros per hour, according to your budget. I invite BIPOC to pay less on the sliding scale if they are confortable with it.

You can choose between one hour sessions, or one hour and a half sessions (from 70 to 90 euros).

Contact me to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

Client's experiences

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