Consent Workshop

When we talk about consent, it is often about the legal, medical and sexual topics. But a Consent Practice is in fact relevant in any sphere of our lives.

Every time two or more humans meet and one wants something from the others, there is the question of consent. Consent is a life-changing tool leading to more peaceful and safer relationships between people.


Thinking about Consent is thinking about boundaries, desires, communication, and how to relate to others. It is defining our boundaries, learning how to express them, to ask for what we want, as well as learning to ask for and to respect the boundaries of others.

What to expect when coming to a Consent Workshop ?

  • Shared knowledge about Consent

  • Conversations about Consent in a safe space

  • Practical exercises

I work with a general frame that I can adapt for any public. It can be for teenagers, University students, colleagues at their place of work, art communities, ...

I also give special workshops for BDSM communities and Sexworkers.

You can join a pre-scheduled workshop, or contact me to organize a workshop at your event, place of work or studies.


When my workshops are donation based or with prices on a sliding scale, I invite BIPOC people to pay less if they are confortable with it, because I care about reparations.

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