Gender Exploration Workshop

This workshop offers you a time to think about your relationship to your gender. We will begin by raising some questions, then drawing, painting or writing about our gender identity.


Gender is an important part of our identity. It plays in our behaviors, ways to see the world, and in how others interact with us. Gender non conforming people such as me have to face what their gender means for them. For cisgender people, thinking deeply about their gender allows them to know themselves better.


This workshop is open to gender non-conforming people and cisgender people who are in a trans allyship process.

For cisgender people participating, it is very important that you respect everybody's pronouns, and I will ask you to avoid all generalities about characteristics that would be inherently for men or for women.

This space is not for debating, it is for each participant to connect with their own feelings about their gender.


Prepare or bring what you need to draw, paint or write.


You can join a workshop already planned, or contact me to facilitate a workshop at your event.

When my workshops are donation based or with prices on a sliding scale, I invite BIPOC people to pay less if they are confortable with it, because I care about reparations.

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