My experience

I grew up in Toulouse, France, and both my parents were psychotherapists. I participated to my first Active Listening workshop, hosted by my mother, when I was eleven. I didn't discover psychology, communication and personal development at the University. I grew up in this environment, and it became a big part of who I am, and of what I want to give to the world.

I did a psychotherapy myself, which is a main step in preparing oneself to coach others in their own personal development.

I invite you to scroll down for the details of my experience.

I speak as a person, from a context of personal experiences and personal learnings.

Carl Rogers


2011 - 2016 : Trained to the Active Listening method of Carl Rogers and to the Imagery method of Carl Jung as a familial legacy.

January 2017 : Imagery Workshop in Toulouse, France

2017 - 2020 : Private sessions in Toulouse, France and Sydney, Australia

Since 2020 : Coaching/counselling sessions online and in Berlin




December 2017 : Consent Workshop for Strippers in Sydney, Australia

January 2019 : Participant to the Like A Pro Course by Betty Martin about the Wheel of Consent in Lisbon, Portugal

April 2019 : Internship at the Consent Academy in Seattle, USA

October 2019 : Consent and BDSM Workshop in Toulouse, France

January 2020 : Consent Workshop for the Peace Master students at the University of Castellon de la Plana, Spain

January 2020 : Consent Workshops for Sexworkers at the Heauxlistique Retreat in Puerto Rico

February 2020 : Consent Workshop for Sexworkers in Toulouse, France

Since 2020 : Regular Consent Workshops for Sexworkers with Hydra (Organization for SWs)

February 2021 : Consent and Peace seminar for the Peace Master students of the University of Castellon de la Plana, Spain

Other Workshops


December 2016 : Personal Development Workshop for women at the Allegria Space in Toulouse, France

August 2018 : Guided Meditation at the Burning Man in the US

October 2020 : Inclusivity Workshop for the staff of the bar 800A, Berlin Germany

December 2020 : Self-Care workshop for queer people with Regenbogen Referat

Since 2020 : Regular Gender Exploration workshops

Gender Talk


January 2020 : Talk about Gender Non Conforming People for the students of the Peace Master at the University of Castellon de la Plana, Spain



2012 - 2017 : Philosophy studies

2017 : Masterdegree in Medical Ethics, which gave me the opportunity to connect the topic of Personal Development to my studies through the topic of my thesis : Helping others.

June 2018 : Presentation of my thesis to the Ethics Comittee of the Toulouse Hospitals.

December 2018 : Talk about Philosophy and Penitentiary Medicine at the University of Jean Jaurès in Toulouse, France

December 2018 : Professor of Philosophy for the Medical Ethics University Diploma in Toulouse, France

February 2019 : Talk about Philosophy and Penitentiary Medicine at the UHSI of the Rangueuil Hospital in Toulouse, France