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My motivations

Why am I giving Coaching Sessions, Workshops and Talks ?

Because I want to help. Not because I « should », or because it would make me a « good person ». I want to help because it enriches my life. And also because it feels right. When I do it, I feel at my right place in the universe. I'm suddenly totally present in the moment, and I feel like there is no other place I'd rather be, no other things I'd rather do.

It is about witnessing an other human being who realizes something meaningful for them,something that could change their life for the better, even if it is small. These moments are truly beautiful to me. It opens my heart to love, hope, and softness. It makes me smile. Everything seems suddenly at its place, life seems to flow naturally, at its own pace.

It is a honor for me to watch the evolution of another being, to see someone becoming more themselves, more whole, more creative.

In these moments, I want to offer everything I can. And this everything is mainly the quality of a presence, a presence that is calm, grounded, without judgement. My ego suddenly takes the second place, while I let space for the other to be. And it feels good.

I also want to contribute to spread values that are important to me such as Consent, Sex-Positivity, or dismantling Systemic Oppression.

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