Private Sessions

Maybe you want to work on a particular issue, or just explore yourself to understand better what you experience in your life. Maybe you would like to break some patterns that make your life difficult. Maybe you deeply need to be listened to, without judgement, to figure things out.


The first session is about having a look at the different areas of your life : your relationship to yourself, your work, your passions, your relationships, etc.


From there, we will take a time to ask you some questions :

What are the main struggles you have right now ?

Are there any long-term issues that seem to repeat themselves ?

Is there something you want to develop in your life/personality?

What are you judging yourself about ?

What do you have anxiety about ?


From your answers, you will decide what you want to work on first, and I will give you several options :

Sometimes we need to aquire new tools : it could be writing about specific topics, taking the time to connect to ourselves and our emotions, learning new communications methods to connect with others, etc.

Sometimes we need to go deeper on a topic by being listened to without judgement, or to be guided in order to connect with our subconscious through methods like Active Imagination.

And sometimes we need both.


I will assist you on your journey, offering you the tools I know and a safe space to be heard.

These sessions are a safe space for queer/ LGBTQI+ people, sexworkers, and sex-positive people.

The sessions can be in English or in French. I prefer to give the sessions in person, usually at Karada House near Alexanderplatz, but I can offer Skype sessions as well.

Prices are on a sliding scale from 40 to 60 euros per hour, according to your budget. I invite BIPOC people to pay less on the sliding scale if they are confortable with it.

You can choose between one hour sessions, or one hour and a half sessions (from 60 to 80 euros).

Contact me to make an appointment and if you have any questions.

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